Savings Account

You will want your savings to earn a good rate of interest, so at Rokel we have a range of savings accounts from which to choose from with free internet banking facility and Visa access. With your visa debit card you avoid the hassle of purchasing foreign currency when travelling abroad as you have direct access to funds in your account.

Rokel Instant

Gives you a high level of flexibility with instant access to your money and half yearly interest that makes your balance grow.

Rokel Save

Initial opening balance is Le250,000.00 or more. Then as you increase your savings, you will be rewarded with increasingly higher rates.

Premium Account

This is a unique savings account .It possesses some of the features of a current account together with its attractive interest rates.

Start with an initial amount of Le500,000.00 to receive attractive interest rates payable monthly and other benefits.


  • Chequebook facility & Gold Card
  • High interest bearing account
  • Free Internet Banking facility available
  • Visa card access

Rokel Premium Savings Account offers you:

  • Convenience and time saving facility.
  • Competitive interest rates, calculated on the monthly minimum balance, credited monthly on 365 days basis and credited directly into your account.
  • Unlimited number of withdrawals.
  • No queuing- You receive priority service at any of our counters and quarterly statements of your account.
  • Guaranteed Return on Investment.
  • Guaranteed Return on Investment.
  • Make & receive payments.
  • Can serve as security for loans.
  • Visa accessallows you to enjoy the convenience of accessing funds from your account when you travel abroad.

Rokel Premium Kid’s Account

This account is for children below 18 years. It is intended to teach children the value of savings, and to plan for the future.


  • For children below 18 years
  • Can be opened as a trust account by parents, or guardians
  • Open with Le. 60,000.00
  • Minimum balance Le. 50,000.00
  • Attractive Interest Rate
  • Regular deposits required
  • Withdrawals 4 times monthly; penalty fee charged for more than 4 withdrawals monthly

Requirements for opening

  • Two passport sized photos (parent or guardian)
  • Identification:- Passport, ID card, or Driving License
  • Birth certificate of child


  • Attractive gifts
  • Your child will be taught the value of saving
  • Funds will be available for spending of school fees and other necessities
  • Further incentives introduced every year


Our various deposit Accounts offer complete flexibility to ensure maximum return on your investment

Rokel Special Deposit Account

Now it is time for you to watch your money with the most attractive interest rate and relax with complete peace of mind and security.

What you enjoy:

  • Attractive Interest rates
  • Minimum Deposit Amount Le
  • Flexible Deposit tenors (90, 120, 180 and 360 days)


It’s simple, effective and it’s safe. Rokel’s Fixed Deposits Accounts (FDR) is a high-yield, no risk account which allows you to maximize growth potential through attractive interest rates.

Various deposit tenors to choose from (60, 90, 180 and 360 days).